Phineous hiding behind a flow stone

Phineous Hideous

Hideous Landscaping and Design

Phineous has been working in the dirt his entire life. His interest in moving rocks for landscaping projects goes back to his childhood days in the mountains of central Illinois. His grandfather took him to a number of local caves and they spent hours exploring unusual cave formations. Phineous has been rather shy his entire life. This is the best known photo of him (he is hiding behind the flow stone in this cave).

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President at Hideous Design

Phineous Hideous

Phineous has been helping build hideous designs for customers for over 4 years. His customer base is small (mostly other members of the Hideous clan), but continues to grow as the family grows.

Chief Excavator at Hideous Design

Zinnias Hideous

Zinnias spent hours digging in the dirt for others. Yes, she was paid to play in the mud. When her relatives saw her eating dirt, they knew she had a place in the organization.