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We are just getting started with our website. Several visitors have told us that we need serious help. Perhaps you can help us? Yes, this website exists solely for students to propose changes to. It does not reprsent a real company and any representation to individuals or companies is a pure coincience.

Our Main Office

Email :

Website :

Phone : (123) 456 - 7890

Address : Anytown, Illinois

Our Staff

President at Hideous Design

Phineous Hideous

Phineous has been helping build hideous designs for customers for over 4 years. His customer base is small (mostly other members of the Hideous clan), but continues to grow as the family grows.

Chief Excavator at Hideous Design

Zinnias Hideous

Zinnias spent hours digging in the dirt for others. Yes, she was paid to play in the mud. When her relatives saw her eating dirt, they knew she had a place in the organization.